Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a predesigned responsive theme package?

You can order your predesigned responsive theme package HERE

How many pages do I get?

Once you select your theme the SelfManagedBusiness web team will build you ONE home page and ONE sub-page. A sub-page could be a blog page, landing page about page, it’s your choice.

What’s included in the Predesigned Website Package?

The Self Managed Business Web Development team do the following:

  • Install WordPress on you domain (if you have not already installed)
  • Our Pre-designed themes are built with Genesis so the framework is also installed on your domain.
  • The theme you have selected from our growing list will be installed.
  • We configure the theme so that it looks like the demo site located at (the basic installation looks completely different)


The demo predesigned websites located at have been created using stock images that we, Self Managed Business, have purchased to demonstrate how your predesigned website can look and feel. You will need to send your own images to the Web Development team so that we can upload to your new predesigned website.


If you have a logo you would like added to your new predesigned website, you can send it to us, and we will place it on your new predesigned website. It helps if you logo is in .PNG format with a transparent background.


If you have blog posts that include articles and images you can provide them to us (up to 10 articles), and we will place them on your new site for you.

You will need to supply all website content so that we can place it on your new predesigned website. We will make it look like what you see on the demo website located at in terms of having the same layout.

Any additional customisation, such as installing a lead magnet optin box, changing the layout altogether including changing colors (to a color not available in the default color options for the theme) and style or certain elements of the theme, this is covered by our Hire a Web Developer Service packages.

When I order a theme, can I have it customized with my preferences?

Yes you can! However the standard predesigned responsive theme package we offer comes with a specific scope and unfortunately customization is not part of this.

If you would like specific customization for your predesigned responsive theme, you need to purchase our “Hire a web Developer Hourly Package” for the customization to be completed.

You can view the customizations we can help you with HERE.

Can I install the theme myself?

Yes you are more than welcome to install the theme yourself. Please be certain that you are familiar with customizing WordPress and its elements including knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS. If your not confident or familiar with WordPress, that’s where we can help.

When I order the predesigned theme will you be working directly on my site?

No! We use our own website development servers where a copy of your website is created. It’s from here that we work with you providing updates periodically so that you can see what’s happening. Once you are satisfied with the updates, we then migrate all changes to your live website. We do this to avoid major errors and issues that may disrupt your site’s current traffic.